Transforming Loss Into Purpose

We are striving to coach a generation of young people who are able to transform their loss into purpose.

The Chrysalis Project

We are striving to coach a generation of young people who are able to transform loss into purpose. By taking away the stigma of talking about the grief of losing someone, we can transform how young people deal with bereavement. We do this through our programmes by helping young people to develop.

The Chrysalis Project helps young people navigate loss whilst empowering them to make positive changes for themselves and the world around them.

• Critical Thinking
• Emotional Intelligence
• Goal Setting

We are here to help equip young people with the tools to achieve anything they set their minds to (however big or small) and to manage any challenge thrown at them.

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About Us

The two founders of The Chrysalis Project, Jordan J and Jordan E, are cousins born four days apart who both lost their Father’s within two months of each other. When reflecting on the human loss in their lives, they realised it was not just people that they had lost, but opportunities too. Had they received the right support and direction they may have found themselves where they are now much quicker, via a less tumultuous path.

By supporting each other, both Jordan’s have transformed their loss into purpose and positive growth. By investing in the children and young people deemed ‘too challenging’ or feel like they’re ‘failing’, The Chrysalis Project works to provide the support and coaching needed to find purpose and to build constructive habits in order to have access to and be
ready for the positive opportunities in life. This aim is what fuels the mission behind The Chrysalis Project.

Jordan Jones & Jordan Ebo


Our Services

“Behind all successful people, whether they be athletes, entrepreneurs, authors or teachers, lies a dedicated coach and support system which supported them and believed in them to make sure they didn’t give in. It is behind the scenes where the real work takes place.

Our unique services have been set up to encourage young people to explore their loss
through a combination of 1 to 1 coaching and peer led conversation. By identifying common feelings through a relatable, person-centred approach, young people will start to overcome the loneliness of dealing with such an isolating issue.”


Our Unique Coaching Programme

Storytelling through creative exercises which addresses feelings towards the bereaved


Fear neutralisation processes gets young people to see that they can overcome what they are anxious or frightened of to break down invisible barriers


Healthy relationships sessions which focus on relationships with peers, family, or others following a bereavement


Health is wealth workshop addressing the importance of looking after personal wellbeing and mental health in order to ensure you can live your best life

Legacy Planning

Young people setting goals for their future, looking at 100 year plan which could leave an important legacy which would outlive them but leave an important mark on the world

Peer to Peer

Peer to peer support including conversations, planning and hosting projects, carrying out team based activities with people who have relatable lived experience

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#theylivethroughme Campaign

The #theylivethroughme Campaign is the kindle in sparking the conversation to normalise talking about bereavement.

We want to encourage the normalisation of conversations around bereavement because of the wide-reaching impact it can have in people’s lives. Often, we see a domino effect of
negative impact in different areas of someone’s life after experiencing bereavement.
In most Western traditions, someone is mourned when they die. However, in some of the
most established cultures in the world, when someone dies their life is celebrated and
lessons are learnt which those who live pass on to new generations. This is how we want
society to be able to deal with bereavement; to take learning and purpose from the passing
of someone, instead of getting stuck in channelling their anger and sadness into negative
behaviour patterns.

If you’re ready to celebrate the life of someone who has passed away, or to pass on the
wisdom you gained from them, then share your story with us by using #theylivethroughme
If you’d like to share our message, then feel free to download a poster to put up at work, share with someone or promote in your space.”

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We all have a part to play in ensuring young people are able to achieve their potential. 
We believe in investing in young people, in their emotional health and wellbeing, their psyche and coaching them to attain their best performance in what they set their mind to. If you resonate with our ethos and would like to find out more about how you can get involved, please get in touch! There are plenty of opportunities, from fundraising events, awareness raising and corporate partnerships.
Every contribution we receive is directed to where it can have the greatest impact. If you’d
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